Year 8 Artwork – 2021 Lockdown Gallery

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Some Awesome Room 3 Learners

#Roma Bowers-Fleming My purrrfect pets
#Elijah Rolston Holt – Mihi Poto:  Voice 001.m4a

#Lincoln Mackwood Chapman: whānau pepeha

#Olivia Tuivaiti: My best project

#Lincoln Mihi Poto

#Logan Dennis – Mausselau

Various Online Gems

Some Online Awesomeness

Kaleb’s Beepbox Music

Introducing Room 4

Lola Yates – Spoonville Video

Dancing Marvels

Lucy Ready – Dancing Through the Ages

Ruby Judd – Tawhirimatea Dance Assessment Solo

Hapori Creative Writing

What’s Cooking, Good Looking?

Click to find out what’s been cooked (and eaten!) during lockdown.

Year 7 Science: 3D Models – Layers of the Earth

Bakeoff Competition Winners: And the winners are …

Science Waka CompetitionTall Towers

Autumn BellMy Journey on the Rock Cycle