Thinking is one of the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies and integral to learning across all areas of the curriculum. You will find thinking both woven through many different learning contexts as well as being taught explicitly. Some of the key thinking tools we utilise are the Digital Fluencies, Growth Mindset and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Thinking is also developed within the core 5Cs, which are essential skills for students to develop into lifelong learning. These 5Cs are;

Creative – The ability to think about something in a new way

Critical – Questioning and challenging ideas and information – particularly with digital information

Collaborative – Working together and considering different points of view when problem solving

Computational – Understanding thought processes required to solve problems and formulate solutions

Caring – Exploring ethics, values and beliefs across communities and contexts and making a difference. .

Developing a Growth Mindset is very important in an ever-changing and challenging world. Students are taught that everyone is capable of growth; that growth takes effort and practice; and that success doesn’t happen overnight – successful people have a backstory; one of hard work, persistence and failure. Art Costa’s 16 Habits of Mind are a key component in developing a growth mindset. Students’ ability to persist, to take responsible risks, to apply past knowledge to new situations are just some examples of Habits that support a positive growth mindset.