Thinking is one of the New Zealand Curriculum Key Competencies and integral to learning across all areas of the curriculum. You will find thinking both woven through many different learning contexts as well as being taught explicitly. Some of the key thinking tools we utilise are the Global Digital Fluencies, Growth Mindset, Art Costa’s Habits of Mind, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The Fluencies are designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving in students. Students are guided through a thorough and reflective process to help them research and present information; create interesting and diverse solutions; work collaboratively and creatively; communicate effectively through a range of media; and become responsible and ethical global citizens. Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs align well with the Fluencies.

Developing a Growth Mindset is very important in an ever-changing and challenging world. Students are taught that everyone is capable of growth; that growth takes effort and practice; and that success doesn’t happen overnight – successful people have a backstory; one of hard work, persistence and failure. Art Costa’s 16 Habits of Mind are a key component in developing a growth mindset. Students’ ability to persist, to take responsible risks, to apply past knowledge to new situations are just some examples of Habits that support a positive growth mindset.