Q1. What musical opportunities will my child have at Te Atatū Intermediate?

T.A.I. students have a wide selection of musical opportunities from all genres. We have an exceptional team of professional musicians and teachers who lead the following groups:

• Award-winning concert bands

• Rock bands

• String ensembles

• Drum Squad

• Choir

• Kapa Haka

• Polynesian group

• School productions (every two years)

• Cultural festivals.

Apart from these activities all the students have two terms of core music lessons with a specialist music teacher. During these classes, students will have the opportunity to explore the basic elements of music.


Q2. Which instruments can I learn through the school’s band and orchestra programme?

Students can play the trumpet (or cornet), trombone, euphonium, flute, clarinet, saxophone, percussion or violin. These group lessons are available at no cost to the student apart from instrument hire.


Q3. What about private lessons?

Private lessons are also available on keyboard, violin, guitar and drums. These are usually individual lessons and cost approximately $25-$35 per lesson. Financial arrangements are made between the family and the tutor, but the school arranges the timetable. You will be given the tutor’s contact details.


Q4. Does my child need their own instrument?

If a student chooses to play an instrument in the band or string ensemble, he or she will need to supply their own instrument. Most band instruments can be hired (between $175 to $400 for the whole year, depending on the instrument). The school has a limited number of instruments available where there is a financial difficulty. There is a small charge to cover wear and tear. There will be a special evening at the beginning of the school year where students will have an opportunity to try out a few instruments, choose their instrument, and arrange hirage (if needed). We recommend insurance for the cover of these because the school’s insurance company will not cover any costs to items that are not directly owned by the school.

Q5. Do the students have to have had previous musical experience?

No. It is wonderful if they have, and some students take lessons before coming to T.A.I. in order to get a head start, but we plan to start students from the very beginning.


Q6. Do students still get Music lessons even if they are not enrolled in a musical performance group?

Yes, they do. All classes have six months of music each year in our well-resourced music suite.


Q7. Is there a school production?

What other Arts or cultural events does the school have? Every two years the school does a musical production. In the alternate years, we have a full concert with all our groups participating. We also have music nights when whānau and friends are invited to see what progress our students are making. Our kapa haka (Maori) and Polynesian groups perform and attend cultural festivals each year.


Q8. Who do we contact if we have questions during the year?

Our school music teachers are all New Zealand-registered teachers. They can be contacted by email or phone just as all class teachers can. The school music teacher has the overseeing of all music events and has all the tutors’ contact details.



Bronwyn Chalmers | Music Teacher | bronwyn.c@teatatu.school.nz

Chad Davenport | Concert Band | chad.d@teatatu.school.nz