School Lockdown Drill
Unfortunately in our modern society, school lockdowns are becoming more and more a fact of life. Last year, three West Auckland School went into lockdown for happenings in the community that require us to make sure all children are safe. We engage the services of Harrison Tew, an external company, and one who have supported us in these drills for 5 years now to support us in our lockdown drills. We were scheduled to practice this last term, however, the alert level change required us to postpone till now. Therefore, we will be having our rescheduled drill this coming Tuesday 11 May, at 11am.

Parents, you will receive notifications from us letting you know a drill is taking place. This is to practice our communication and should you not receive an email or text, could you please let us know. Please note that during the lockdown drill, parents will not be able to come on site, so if you have appointments with your children, could they please be collected / dropped off at either morning tea or lunch on this day.