In week 3 of this term we will be holding our annual Student-Led Conferences. The conferences will run on Monday 17th May 1pm-7pm and Tuesday 18th May 3.20pm-6pm. Please note that on Monday 17 May, school will finish at 12.20pm in order for our conferences to begin at 1pm. (Tuesday is a normal full school day) If your child is unable to be supervised at home between 1-3pm on Monday, or if you book an appointment between 1-3pm, we will be able to have a limited number of student supervision with our teacher aides supporting in the library. We would need to know, so could you please contact your child’s class teacher to let them know if your child will be staying.
During the conferences, I will be available in the staffroom. Please feel free to drop in for a cup of tea. I would also like to get ideas from you, our parent community, for my community consultation later this year. I would love to get feedback in a variety of areas of TAI, as we always look forward to providing the best opportunities we can for all students. I will be available during the same time teachers are available.

Lloyd Evans


How to book a conference:
1. Login to
2. Click on ‘Make a booking’.
3. Enter the event code 5mgp7
4. Step 1: Enter your details
5. Step 2: Choose up to 3 teachers that you would like to see (class teacher, we also
recommend visiting your child’s technology and specialist teachers).
6. Step 3: Choose the times that suit you best. Please note that if you plan to see more than
one teacher you will need to select consecutive times.
7. Click ‘finish’ when done- an email confirming your bookings will be sent to you.