24 May 2019

 Dear Parents/Care-givers,

 As you are aware, next Wednesday 29 May, the teachers’ unions (NZEI – Primary, and PPTA – Secondary) are taking industrial action by having a mega strike from 12.01am – 11.59 pm on the 29th May.

At our Board of Trustees meeting last night, the Board have decided that on Wednesday 24 May, Te Atatu Intermediate School will be closed for instruction, but open for supervision.

This means that, with a very skeleton staff, we will be open on this day, however our supervision will be extremely limited. In order to maintain students’ safety, we would appreciate if your child could stay home and not attend TAI on Wednesday as we will not have the capacity to safely manage beyond a small number of students.

As I’ve said before, we understand that this is a disruption to all parents, however, we really appreciate your support. We really do want to have the best educational outcomes for all our students, however, there does need to be more government funding and support for schools to help this occur, unfortunately it has come to the point where teachers have now reluctantly taken this action.

Due to the limited staff we will have, we will need to know how many students will be at school on Wednesday. We will only be able to safely cater for a limited number of students on Wednesday, so would appreciate if students could stay home on this day.

Once again, we thank you for your support of teachers at this time.

Warm Regards

Lloyd Evans