Te Atatū Intermediate School is running an online sponsored Knowledge-athon Fundraiser to raise funds to support the school in providing a range of enriching learning opportunities, enabling our school to go above and beyond for all our learners. Fundraising makes a huge difference in enhancing our students’ overall school environment and educational outcomes. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of learning resources for students, including Chromebooks and other learning support materials. The more funds we can raise, the more resources and opportunities we will have for our current and future students.

Students will need to study these questions.

Each child can sign up for their very own fundraising web page to send out to collect online sponsorship from anyone, anywhere!

Just go to our Fundraising Hub page at: https://teatatuintermediateknowledgeathon.raiseit.co.nz/hub
Click on the SETUP A FUNDRAISING PAGE button
If you need any help email help@raiseitfundraising.com for direct assistance

For more information please click here.