Continuous ringing of the fire alarm (“Woop Woop … Evacuate the building …”)

  1. Exit the room
  2. Line up on the double netball court next to the library
  3. Teacher check roll
  4. Report to Sector Warden (Green Vest)
  5. Wait for the all-clear

Signalled by a continuous ringing of the school bell. Stop work and listen to instructions.

Assemble in the Hall

Lock windows, doors and get under your desk
Lock windows, doors and carry on with your work

  • Parents notified by text
  • Lockdown remains in place until the all clear is given by the Police.
Emergency Sign-out

Parents notified by text, website updates, or landline.

  1. Parents sign students out in Staffroom
  2. Parents proceed to collect student from class or assembly area
  3. Parents present the child’s name and staff signout signature to teacher